Friday, September 26, 2008

David Caruso - Autumn Season Disappointments

Somehow we knew we would find it sooner or later - the comment/blog-entry that would make our day.
And HERE it is! Refreshingly open and honest!

...CSI: Miami was a complete failure. There was an interview yesterday where they were talking about how David Caruso gets so much ish, and he doesn't do any interviews anymore. Well here's a piece of advice if he didn't suck at acting and make his character into a complete joke maybe more people would watch it, and actually think he was good at what he did. But then again it's hard to turn something that's been a joke for almost 5 years into something good....

Quote of the day - "...Trev,. David Caruso would like his copy of “Idiotic Career Moves” back…" (

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