Thursday, September 11, 2008

David Caruso - Repugnant!

It is forbidden to watch David Caruso in our house. We find him repugnant. And that's sayin' somethin'.
One of the worst Actors in modern American History. If they could team David Caruso up with Eric & Julia Roberts & Keanu Reeves doing a "supporting" role it would be supremely hellish.
I find it impossible to watch that show.
Fingernails on the chalkboard are far more pleasant.
OF COURSE Caruso reads those lines with a straight face. He has half the acting range of Clint Eastwood and couldn't raise an emotion if Sofia Milos had his balls in her teeth.

Why act when you can pose?

standing over body

::glasses off:

:glasses on, hands on hips, sun setting in background:

cue first commercial



Quote of the day - "......alongside Keanu Reeves and David Caruso in the grand hall of atrocious leading men." (

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