Tuesday, September 23, 2008

David Caruso - Dear CSI Miami Writers....

Yesterdays underwhelming CSI Miami Season 7 premier garnered a lot of reactions. Most of the viewers can't decide if they should either be annoyed, amused or simply embarrassed about what we were offered on CBS primtime yesterday. The following "letter" reflects the mindset of a lot of viewers!

Dear Miami Writers,
...HoCaine is not a saint, and even if he were, not everyone adores saints. In fact, humanity has a nasty habit of beating saints to death and recognizing their greatness only after they have destroyed it. And not everyone who opposes a self-appointed saint like HoCaine is a soulless, homicidal asshole.Sometimes, people just dislike or disagree with someone, even people whom others adore.
Deal with it. Stop warping even supremely malleable TV reality to further fellate and encourage Icon of Idiocy David Caruso's mammoth ego.!
No love,La Guera

Needless to say we agree!
Quote of the day - "...I watched CSI: Miami and realized that there is no reason I can't be in Hollywood if David Caruso can spend seven years on that show.... " (http://goldbergstrashcan.blogspot.com/2008/09/dvr.html)

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