Monday, September 1, 2008

David Caruso - Reality Check!

It is always very entertaining to see how some fans obviously are not able to differ between fictional character and real life person. However, if you listen to one of David Caruso´s interviews one can´t shake the impression that the actor himself has lost touch with reality a long time ago.
So if the "big man" fails in this matter how can you expect the small group of his fans he has to think otherwise?

Read and be amused:
.....I know some people that don't like you for an actor and I know people that don't even know you!I think your so cool on csi Miami.You can figrue out how to get the bad people in jail!You can get every crime that happens.I'm your biggest girl fan out here in this world!I know there might be some bad gossip out about you.....

What can we say? Is this SILLY or not? We highly doubt that DAVID CARUSO KNOWS how to put a man in jail...LOL

Quote of the day -
.....David Caruso thinks he's such hot shit on CSI Miami, he should leave. His glasses don't make him cool okay. He's boring.....

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