Monday, September 1, 2008

David Caruso - CSI Miami continues to lose viewers!

Not only has CSI Miami lost its title of "The most watched show on the planet" to "CSI". It also looks like as if viewers slowly getting tired of the constant posing and sunglass-action.
The following is a French article. In Europe CSI Miami may still be a leader on TV . However, viewer numbers have dropped steadily. This season (Season 6 2007/2008) CSI Miami lost 3 million viewers!

Original quote:
"Sans trop se mouiller, on peut dire que Les Experts Miami va encore s’octroyer le leadership cette saison même si David Caruso commence à ressentir certaines crampes à force de poser ses mains sur sa taille et de retirer ses Ray-Ban (ok, cela n’a rien à voir, mais le public de CSI Miami commence -un peu- à se lasser et doit sûrement ressentir les douleurs d’Horatio / de 17 millions en 2006/2007, ils n’étaient plus que 14 en 2007/2008)....

Google translation:
"Without too wet, we can say that CSI Miami will still itself leadership this season even if David Caruso starts to feel some cramps in force to lay its hands on its size and withdraw its Ray-Ban (ok, it has nothing to do but the public CSI Miami begins a little to get tired and must surely feel the pain of Horatio / 17 million in 2006/2007, they were more than 14 in 2007/2008 )...."

Looks like David Caruso needs to look for a new equally annoying shtick if he wants to stay on air with his show.

Quote of the day - ....Ever wonder what it might be like to be David Caruso?...

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