Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Caruso - RED: Three thieves?

This is about Icon of Idiocy David Caruso (peripherally), an online newsletter and two people. One obviously had an idea that the other one stole only to present it as her own.
Sometimes certain ideas have two fathers - or so it seems.
We know neither one party nor the other. And we are not one of those bloggers who offer unasked advice or lecture people to death with endless sermons. However, we are more then ready to play the devil's advocate and give this matter the the room it deserves.

We have already stated that we don't think too highly of the online-newsletter called "RED". It is amateurish at best - something a pre-adolescent would produce. It is nothing to write home about. Every high-school newspaper is more exciting and informative than Emily Malones piece of bordeom.
This following e-mail/letter was received by another blogger. It is from the person that alerted her in the first place that Emily Malone might be playing a dirty game as far as "RED" is concerned.
This letter/e-mail is the way it was received. Draw your own conclusions. We already have:

"Well I found this other N/L and decided to find out more, and that is what the lady told me? She appears to be a lovely lady, and told me that Miss Malone had befriended her, and so she confided in her about her idea, and she loved it, and said she had wanted to be a part of it, but because she was only the 'Assistant Editor'wanted more, and after an argument, which appeared to be pre planned parted ways with it. She had had several apologies I am told - just to ease the situation, but refused and all of a sudden she was bringing one out, called the silly title.
I have seen hers and I think it is very amateur ish, but the other main thing is, I am told this other ladys has been in planning for a while, and when it was due out, several obstacles were put in her way to stop its launch, which I think is very unfair on the lady.
Miss Malone should realise that it is unfair to steal other people's ideas just because she never thought of it herself. She seemingly has no intention of mentioning her problem, (Giving credit) and has also SLATED the title of the original ladys project, which I think is incredibly unfair.
I for one, like I said, am looking forward to the Ladys one coming out, and the 'approved' one that Mr Caruso has given himself.
Like I also said I think calling someone by that name is incredibly disrespectful

Whether there will be a da capo to this story or not remains to be seen. Either way, it shines a not too favourable light on a publication which turned out to be a huge disappointment for one or the other involved ...

Quote of the day -"...I can't stand David Caruso, and the stupid fast-paced dumbed-down, blinged-up miami version, but I keep watching because I feel sorry for them or something.."(

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