Tuesday, September 23, 2008

David Caruso - Is "RED" a ripped-off idea?

Normally, we don't waste time on Newsletters. Often they are made by fans who are highly biased and thus not able to think clearly when it comes to the object of their desire.
More often than not those newsletters are not worth the time it takes to read them. Such an example is "RED" - published a few days ago by a David Caruso fan. A very insightful review about it is available on http://davidcarusoandme.blogspot.com/2008/09/david-caruso-red-redder-boring.html

Now it appears that the idea for the newsletter is not so new after all. A poster on Showhype claims that the idea has been stolen from her. Which would make the author of the newsletter, Emily Malone a plagiarist. Interesting story.
Even if we don't know the players nor the background story we find it interesting enough to post the comment in question:

...Whats been failed to mention is I understand that Miss Malone has stolen the idea from another lady, who helped with his previous Newsletter and is also currently about to lauch his NEW Newsletter with his FULL approval. When Miss Malone found this out I am told, she wanted the credit herself, and so Red was born, but I understand the soon to be released Newsletter is THE first and only approved one, and had it not been for this one she would never had the idea.Red, as well, I would have thought, is rather like being bullied because of his hair colour and not suitable for a title? (http://showhype.com/story/david_caruso_red_redder_boring/#cid7265)

For those who are interested there is also an article available on:

Quote of the day - "..David Caruso makes me want to hunt him down and give a big alligator a snack.."(http://blog.liedel.org/?p=2368)

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