Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Caruso - LEXICON DIGITAL Quo Vadis?

A fellow blogger did an interesting update on celeb-powered start-ups. Among them, of course, the start-up of Icon of Idiocy David Caruso:

Celebrity: David Caruso
Lexicon Digital Communications may be most famous for its CSI-star founder and CEO David Caruso, who announced the company at the Consumer Electronics Show back in January. What made the announcement noteworthy is that nine months later we still have no idea what exactly the company does.
Status: Still yet-to-be-launched. But if you want to see a really amazing three-minute-plus promotional video that doesn't show you what a company does, you can
find it here.

We like to close this entry with this highly interesting post from one commenter:
Caruso and his 'partner' sum up everything I hate about the technology industry. Caruso is clearly a Premier League a**hole - I can certainly see why nobody can't stand him. (Is CSI the show where everyone's had terrible eyelid lifts and they look like aliens?) The only thing I liked about the clip was that at first I thought his partner's surname was Lard. So I was bitterly disappointed when that turned out not to be the case...I do have to give the two of them credit, though, for managing to say absolutely nothing the whole time. (What the F is that 'company' about?!) But I noticed that Lahr used the word 'encapsulate' - someone should tell him that that's not in the approved marketing vocabulary... Caruso gets bonus points for speaking in that fake Hollywood voice the whole time. And double bonus points for coming on to the young female reporter (twice). Boy, did that creep me out...
It's bizarre they were 'launching' the company but could not say a single thing about what it was about. It does seem he can only think with his little ginger pecker. Ooh, was that mean?? (

Quote of the day - "..Then came CSI: Miami with David Caruso, the man who refuses to face someone when he speaks to them and who has his sunglasses permanently welded to his face. I like the others on the show but David just plain sucks. ..."(

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