Friday, September 19, 2008

David Caruso - Tour d’embarrasment

.....What is Jeremy Bruckheimer thinking with Miami? How can he even put his name under Executive Producer without crying from shame?
Let's talk about Icon of Idiocy, David Caruso:
I CANNOT see Caruso as a badass, no matter how hard he tries. Grissom is s bad ass, Horatio is more like Bill Gates cousin. If I have to watch him cock his head to the side and whisper some ridiculous one liner under his breath in that annoying, monotone, "I'm an Agent from The Matrix" voice one more time, I'm going start sending him hate mail (Not really! Don't sue me!)

David Caruso. Leave those sunglasses alone PA-LEASE!
Quote of the day - ....My vote goes to David Caruso. I mean who else can get away with his rhythm. I mean c'mon, say a few words pause then say a few more continued ad nauseum I'd have to agree. He makes CSI Miami unwatchable...(

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