Thursday, September 4, 2008

David Caruso - The stalkers stalker proven WRONG - again!

For 4 months now people on the Internet have made believe by the stalkers stalker that the alleged David Caruso stalker was sought BY TWO DIFFERENT COUNTRIES on TWO DIFFERENT continents.
For 4 months now people have been fed with absurd theories about "the Austrian police and their apparent inability to catch the stalker (quote the stalkers stalker)."

"...It would appear that Austria's inept Bundeskriminalamt has put this matter on their proverbial back burner...."

Now it turns out that there wasn't any warrant from Austria out on Schnitzer to begin with! Reliable and reputed Austrian newsmedia outlets reports that the court in Innsbruck which has jurisdiction over the case has issued a warrant ONLY LAST WEEK. The inept stalkers stalker calling the Austrian police inept is a clear case of the pot calling the kettle black!
So there wasn't a warrant out for Schnitzer for the last 4 months!
Shouldn't a stalkers stalker know these things?
Shouldn't a stalkers stalker tell people why they where lied to for four months?

We always suspected that the stalkers stalker has no real clue what is fact and what is fiction. What is equally interesting is that there is NO COMMENT from the stalkers stalker on the apparent Hoppala! on her side. We wouldn't comment too if we would have been ridiculed like that!

One has to ask if the stalkers stalker isn't sure about an important thing like that, how much of the garbage she posts can be taken seriously anway? Once again the stalkers stalker has beeen proven WRONG. And we are sure this won't be the last time! LOL!

For all who want to read the article that shows how inaccurate the stalkers stalker is, here is a translation of one of the many Austrian articles.

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