Thursday, September 4, 2008

David Caruso ...not even Vivica Fox wants him!

What a surprise!
After Vivica Fox read on the Internet that "mediatakeout"- a news outlet - outed her as the new lover of fugly redhead David Caruso she obviously thought enough was enough. All men but David Caruso!
Obviously, the thought of David Caruso naked turned her off so much that she decided to deny the rumor she most likely watched grow and bloom for about 4 weeks.

....Conan o'Brian last night.Vivica Fox is his guest.The first question he asked her was,"Are you dating David Caruso?"
She answered"I'VE NEVER EVEN MET HIM.I know it was reported we were seen snuggling in a restaurant,and he supposedly told me he liked rap music.It never happened".
Conan asked her if she was attracted to men with red hair.She said that the only red haired man she had ever liked was him(Conan).

Although, we do wonder WHO tipped off "mediatakeout in the first place? Vivica?
Obviously, someone was in need of a bit of PR for her new show...
Quote of the day - ....After after some extensive shots of David Caruso putting his sunglasses on and off, the perp is arrested and tried...(

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