Monday, September 22, 2008

David Caruso - Episode "Resurrection" disappoints!

Long awaited, a lot speculated about and after some premature praise from a handful of fans tonight was the night: CSI Miami Season 7 premiered with episode "Resurrection" .And it turned out as BAD as expected. However, we can't decide what was worse : the acting or the editing. Or maybe BOTH.

So on with it!

*Ryan Wolfe/J. Togo - Wolfe releases the body without an ME present? Sure. Calleigh and Eric smell a rat. Wolfe is a bad liar who can't keep a secret for long and very soon it is clear that it is a set-up. HoCaine alive and well. During the whole time he was on screen Wolfe looked like he was chewing on a lemon.

*Ron Saris/Kim Coates - Everybody in Miami knows that HoCaine is alive and well but him. And he doesn't even know WHO Yelina is? What about basic research? Looks like the writers of CSI Miami has a fable for stupid criminals...

*Yelina Salas/Sofia Milos - Nice to see her back. However, Yelina walking out of the mist like the lady of the sea looked a tad too cheesy for us.

*Eric/Tripp - They drive around in Miami with one of the most dangerous criminals in the passenger seat and nobody gets the idea to cuff Ortega to the car? Tweedledum and Tweedledee at work!

*Caleigh/Jake - interesting scenes. There is a lot room for development. More of it, please!

*HoCaine/David Caruso - Didn't stay dead long, didn't he? Caruso's acting in season 7 is just as bad as it was in season 6. No big change here. Caruso looks more wrinkled and tired than he looked in season 6.The one-liner HoCaine says at the end after he blew up the gas-tank and the yacht is one of the cheesiest ever heard on this show.

Can it get any more ridiculous? Since the whole show solely revolves around David Caruso's bad acting we fear it can!
Quote of the day - ..."Celebrate David Caruso Day by watching a semi-coherent episode of "CSI: Miami"

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