Sunday, September 21, 2008

David Caruso - Will the season premier live up to the expectations?

Tomorrow is Septmber 22, 2008.
So what?
Will the world stop tomorrow?
Will there be an eclispe of the sun?
Will the stock markets crash?
Or will a comet destroy the earth?

Tomorrow CSI Miami Season 7 will air its first episode - ironically titled "Resurrection". Nothing special, really. Just the beginning of a new season of a more or less mediocre show.
However, if you read various fan boards and the CSI Miami Message Board in particular you can't shake the impression that it is the second comming of Christ.
People counting hours. Getting more and more excited with every passing hour...Laughable, we know. One has to wonder about the mental age of those people- 6, 10, 14?

Expectations of fans and viewers are high. However, it is a known fact that the higher the expectations the more disappointing the "product/event" can be.
Will HoCaine survive? OF course he will.
Our predictions....HoCaine fakes his death, goes undercover for three months (HoCaine...undercover...riiiiiiiiight), and the only person who knows--based on that parting text message from last season--is Ryan Wolfe, while Calleigh will run the lab...
If the writers play it completely straight, it miiiiiiight work...

An animated (more grown-up) discussion about CSI Miami spoilers can be found on:
Quote of the day - "....David Caruso broke a barrier when he exposed his white, pasty and not terribly attractive derriere on prime time TV in NYPD Blue....."(

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