Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Caruso - Flying in the face of logic!

A French TV blog has rendered its verdict about CSI Miami Season 7 opener "Resurrection" and its "star", Icon of Idiocy, David Caruso.
It mourns the shows' loss of logic and makes fun of the caricature David Caruso and the role he plays has become. Note (highlighted by us in BOLD GREEN) the reference to David Caruso's past stint with alcoholism and its possible aftermath!
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CSI Miami (Season 7) - Beyond the logic
We talked in a previous note of mockery, partly justified and bring very little, including David Caruso was the subject, both the United States than in other countries where this is CSI Miami, second declension of the franchise created by Jerry Bruckheimer.
The first episode of season 7, which was broadcast this week on CBS confirms the trend reported by the external. The series has come to its logical end and has probably expired, to the point it became a parody of parodies and inspires the best of indifference and at worst the irritation and repulsion. After seven years to track down drug traffickers, small and murderous criminals with flat feet, the only person that Caruso has managed to put in a cage, his character, Horatio Caine. The man with dark glasses has become a caricature.

  • Not a scene where he is not held his legs apart, his head leaning slightly on its side, motionless in the midst of a crime scene, looking not the person to whom it is addressed, but a point somewhere on the horizon.
  • Not a scene where Caruso does not withdraw its sunglasses with a slow any theater.
  • Not a scene where he delivered a replica of more than five words: the more often a completely final sentence sounds like the end of a lesson in morality. At this stage, the dialogues are provided almost entirely by other actors, Caruso were glad to be there.

Worse, many look to the heroes of former NYPD Blue, it has a sincere sadness. He suddenly aged. We will not reverse its dark period where he was an alcoholic outcast in Hollywood but it has left its mark. On several occasions, we feel that it was difficult to stand, it is unsteady on his feet when he plays it pursues a criminal. This impression of unease is not even compensated by the parade of creatures, all perfect and more sophisticated one than the others. The season 6 was arrested leaving the plot open. The first episode, which is the chronological and fall, do not reward for having waited so long.

Quote of the day - "... That line was a heaping hunk of epic fail, rivaled in tastelessness only by the idea of David Caruso in a thong and pasties..." (

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