Sunday, August 31, 2008

David Caruso ...he is just sooooo bad...

"Caroline Miniscule" is a prolific blogger who a few days ago watched CSI Miami for the first time. From her post we can tell that this was not an experience she wishes to repeat. We can understand. We truly can....(The blogger is talking about episode "Darkroom" episode 5x8)

.....First time I've ever watched CSI: Miami...and after 10 minutes or however long its been... I can't stand it. The episode was poorly written, poorly acted by all of the principles, badly photographed...just a mess.
The guy - David Caruso - playing Horatio Kane is such a.... actor...ich
The camera angles and crap are stupid...It sure doesn't have the gloss of the original, CSI...But I gotta say, the acting of the principles of this show...the voices of the women...and of David Caruso/HoCaine... they just grate on my nerves... Can't believe this show is popular that it has run for 7 years! it doesn't hold a candle to the original!
And the actor - David Caruso - who plays Horatio Kane...he is just sooooo bad..
Quote of the day - ....Blame the writers, or blame this guy's delivery?Sorry, Mr. David Caruso, but this schtick is soooo .... ick (

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