Tuesday, April 22, 2008

David Caruso (better known as "The A**hole")

Sometimes you'll have to search for days to find gems like the following article. Sometimes you find them through pure coincidence. In our case it was a more than happy coincidence - it was luck.
Read and enjoy!

CBS has a big problem.
Unfortunately, there’s absolutely nothing they can do about it. We’ve known for years, Caruso is an absolute nightmare to work with.
Cussing out production staff, telling the director what to do and causing many productions to weigh in over budget due to Caruso’s inability to do what he’s paid millions of dollars to do, ACT!
I’ve had a chance to witness exactly what co-workers like Khandi Alexander and Adam Rodriguez only dare to whisper about, on the set. Caruso is one of those actors who can’t stand to be in shots with numerous people – i.e. background artists. He actually needs Line Readers to feed him lines. Hello, are you ten all of a sudden?
As the show’s popularity show no signs of slowing down, neither does Caruso’s over inflated ego. I hear Caruso is still distraught over his failed attempt to break into movies.
Caruso, I’m not sure if your agent is gutsy enough to tell you, “Babe, from your corny one-liners to your dry as peanut deliveries, you’re more painful to look at on the big screen than VH-1’s Flavor Flav was to look at on the small screen!”
Thank you for the good laugh!

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