Friday, April 18, 2008

"Script killer" David Caruso...

CSI Miami viewers are permanatly scarred by David Caruso's 'acting' style. And I do use the term acting very loosely in regards to Caruso. They should change the name of the show to "The David Caruso sappy soap hour" .

Actually I heard, that David Caruso has final say on all the scripts on CSI Maimi. Dear Lord, if this is true then maybe it's not the writers fault but Caruso's fault, in which case he is clearly as gifted at writing as he is at 'acting'. As for the 'lady killer' part David Caruso may be a 'killer' at a lot of things, one of them possibly a script killer....

I looked on the CSI Fansite and believe it or nor there are people who think David is "Dishy". There are photos of him which are described as hot, sizzling and scorching. (Shuddering!!!!)
Obviously people who have a repressed attraction to the lucky charms leprachaun... Ugh, I just had a mental image of David Caruso running around saying "They're always after me lucky charms".....

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