Thursday, April 3, 2008

David Caruso - Ginger Christmas Elf

Speaking of plastic,..... why is David Caruso still on TV?

I like
a good CSI episode as much as the next guy…but C’MON!!! Am I really supposed to believe that this long lost Christmas elf is the head of a crime investigation squad?

It’s bad enough that
ALL of the Miami episodes shine with the constant golden hour lighting, but is it necessary to blind us with the suffocating mix of bad one-liners and Dave’s pumpkin-patch receding hairline?

Wow, I just invented
a new plotline: "The careers of the existing writers, casting directors and Caruso are found dead after a mass firing...maybe if we follow the steps backwards from the show’s new Emmy award we can find our killer…"
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WE just LOVE the plotline......

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