Sunday, April 27, 2008

David Caruso is fried

I LOVE the original CSI, and can tolerate Miami and NY.
But David Caruso annoys the crap out of me.

I just watched the episode where the bride was killed on her wedding day and I actually heard Caruso utter the line "a little thing we like to call... murder." I feel like there should be more ellipses in there because his speech is so halting.
That show could be 23 minutes long if the got someone who could speak with a normal cadence.

Besides, you'll almost never see David Caruso do any physical activity and talk at the same time. According to Defamer, it's because he can't.
He's just that fried.
And if he doesn't have his sunglasses, he gets completely lost in a scene.....


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Anonymous said...

In the first two years of the series David was quite physically active;busy in the lab,up and down stairs,tackling bad guys,EVEN BURSTING THROUGH DOORS(NO PORTAL PHOBIA?)Suddenly his joints locked.The only movement he can make now is a slightly crablike ,sideways move to get his good side into the camera.(He has a good side?)Oh,and he can raise his sunglasses(albeit rather slowly)...Jeannie