Tuesday, April 15, 2008

David Caruso's facade

CSI Miami - The dialogue is ridiculous, the acting is bad (why is Caruso a "star" again -- what has he done other than NYPD Blue), David Caruso has the ability to make any line sound completely ridiculous.

When will David Caruso stop trying to seem like a Bad Dude?
Come on, scrawny man!
You’re not fooling anyone, and your show is even worse than the original
CSI, if that’s possible.
What a waste of Miami!
At least
Miami Vice involved Michael Mann and a Ferrari.

Caruso's style is so monochromatic and humorless that it’s too painful to bear. I don’t think the tone of his voice or the expression on his face ever really changes from that “I’m too cool, introspective and insightful” facade.



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