Tuesday, April 8, 2008

David Caruso - Homely, talent-free and an a**hole

I'm a big fan of CSI:NY, and watching Caruso share the screen with Gary Sinise in the two crossover episodes they did is mind-boggling. They're at opposite ends of the acting spectrum.
has got to be the worst actor on TV. It's painful to watch him.

I heard Caruso was good on the first season of NYPD Blue ...... but I find it hard to believe after watching CSI Miami. Hugo Weaving has more acting chops in his left little finger than David Caruso does entirely.

However, this guy seems to have the best professional luck in the WORLD.
To be homely, talent-free, an asshole, and STILL go from one huge series to another, after a brief hiatus making crappy, money-losing films........ He has to have pictures of some mogul raping--and then eating--a baby goat.


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