Saturday, April 12, 2008

David Caruso - Chewiest of scenery chewers!

The comically portentous David Caruso and his inevitable Sunglasses of Justice in serious contention for the "Worst Use of Pauses that he (Mistakenly) Thinks are Fraught with Drama" award.
Caruso is the chewiest of scenery chewers. Every scene needn’t call for the Fierce!Intensity! After all, even Hamlet made a few jokes.
David Caruso is a raging egomaniac. He makes Don Johnson look like Oliver!
The rhythm of his awful line readings is almost danceable in its predictability. Youch!! David Caruso has really gone down the tubes. And he's had a long career, starting with, of all things, a small role in FIRST BLOOD.....

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