Thursday, April 17, 2008

David Caruso - THAT guy and a VIDEO...

David Caruso is playing a person with the same mannerisms/characteristics as he played on NYPD Blue before he bolted for :"Jade"...
Caruso is a shitty actor and he looks like a ginger kid. He is so terrible, you rather have Don Johnson doing CSI Miami.

I guess he's still trying to prove he is movie material. Thats what you get when you are the star of a tv show then think you are better than that...move onto movies then fail dismally and finally have to crawl your way back to a tv show.

David Caruso is any chiropractors dream, have you seen that mans posture?

Last but not least we found this little gem. A hilariously funny video by The Canadian Press. It is about D-lister David Caruso being stalked ....ENJOY!!!!

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