Sunday, April 20, 2008

David Caruso - "Chicken Man"

David Caruso is an insufferable tool who's hard on the eyes to boot.
My sisters and I call him "Chicken Man" because he does that dramatic thing where he stops and turns his body before he turns his head, then cocks his head to the side and makes some significant, thoughtful pronouncement.
I have noticed that David Caruso seems to have only one facial expression--it kind of reminds me of Zoolander and his "Blue Steel".
Oh, Lord, what is it about CSI Miami that turns otherwise good actors into wooden dolls? Unless, like David Caruso, you were a wooden doll already.
It figures CSI Miami would end up with a "star(?)" like David Caruso playing the lead.


Pictured above are David Caruso's "12 facial expressions".....

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