Monday, April 21, 2008

David Caruso - The new Hasselhoff?

Horatio Cane’s lines have gotten so bad it is getting hard to watch CSI Miami. Supposedly David Caruso has script approval and can rewrite his lines. (Caruso changes EVERY LINE Horatio has to say to his liking .)
Who talks that way?
It reminds me of David Hasselhoff in KnightRider. Maybe those corny one- liners translate better into Spanish or some other language.

I think it is time for Horatio Cane to get killed off. I think the show would fair much better without him. (Hear! Hear!) CSI wouldn’t even need to replace him, I am sure the rest of the cast would make a great show on their own.

Then the CSI franchise can start CSI Bogota starring David Caruso and please don’t show it in the US.

WHERE do we sign the petition????

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Anonymous said...

The rest of the ensemble(cast)could easily carry the show.I think Jonathan Togo could be used to advantage.He's the best of a group of not so great actors.
However,the premise of the show and the location and beautiful people make it watchable.Caruso has far outlived his usefulness.His character couldn't be any more comical and on top of that he's irritating and totally aggro.The monotony of his moves,expressions and dialogue week after week make you want to bash your head against a wall or, better,bash his head against a wall.They should kill him(figuratively).Now that would be a show to watch.Ratings would soar.People would celebrate in the streets.Any one of the cast members would probably volunteer to do it...Jeannie