Tuesday, April 15, 2008

David Caruso bitch slapping!

If the opportunity to slap David Caruso came up on Ebay, I would pay good money to win that auction. Pay extra if the money was going to charity. Not a closed fist punch. Just a good solid humiliating bitch slap.
Nothing he would not deserve for his terrible 'William Shatner method acting' and that stupid way he wanders around Miami putting his sunglasses on.
I pray every week that this is the week someone shoots him in CSI:Miami.
Anyone else or is it just me???
We gladly join! Where do we place the BID?
We just had to run it....that is so hilariously funny...


Anonymous said...

LOL, I would pay to see him bitch slapped.

Cole said...

Yeah, me too. Do they take PayPal???