Sunday, April 27, 2008

David Caruso....WTF???

The CSI Miami message board is a difficult ground for anyone who doesn't want to heap praise onto hammy non-actor David Caruso. Bat-shit crazy fan girls will use their clwas to defend the ginger shit-head.
Not so our board. We LOVE to snark!!!
Every anti-David Caruso message/post is more than welcomed. We take pride in hosting only the best of the best.
And the following - posted by a brave soul (you go girl!) is one among the best.
"I'm sorry, but what do they see in Caruso? I can't stand when he is on the screen or listen to his lines. He is the worst thing about this show.
I only watch it if there is nothing on other channels, I don't have a book to read, no rented movies, places to go, socks to sort, etc. He makes me cringe. I absolutely LOVE the original CSI and hoped I would love this one too. Oh well, there are enough other things to do. I just wish they would take him off the show......."
Good question!

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