Friday, April 11, 2008

David Caruso - Just a tiny bag of tricks

Making fun of David Caruso never grows old. There are so many thing to snark about when it comes to God's redheaded stepchild with the barley existing acting range.
The following is copied and pasted from the renowned Washington Post. We didn't alter any of the comments. We think they speak for themselves.
Read and enjoy. WE did!


Re: David Caruso: Let's remember a time when there was a less one-liney, less sunglassy, less hand-hippy, less head-tilty David Caruso. A time when he wasn't so tough on interrogating suspects. "First Blood"

Lisa de Moraes: You know I love trips down Memory Lane...

Another David Caruso Theory: I used to love him in "NYPD Blue" too, but I think that's because his "slit-eyed" intensity was new and different, and now we know it's just some shtick that we're all sick of.

Lisa de Moraes: Maybe that's it. He left "NYPD Blue" so quickly to go become a famous movie star, we didn't have time to realize he was just a tiny bag of tricks...

David Caruso?: I think what's incredible about Caruso is how he's able to turn every statement into a question. "It's ... cold outside?" With all the squinting and whispering, do you think Chad Michael Murray watches Caruso and feels like he's looking into the future?

Lisa de Moraes: I think we should all pick one day and make it our David Caruso day and everything we say will be turned into a question and we will wear dark glasses and keep our hands planted firmly on our hips and cock our head to one side. It could become a national holiday, David Caruso Day, like Groundhog Day ... only more fun...

David Caruso: Not that I care about David Caruso's reputation, but perhaps the reason he acts differently on "CSI: Miami" is that he's playing Horatio Caine -- a somewhat bizarrely intense man -- rather than whoever he was playing on "NYPD Blue."

Lisa de Moraes: A really good actor can "play" the phone book -- I think I read that somewhere ... though I take your point in re "CSI" writing. And yet, somehow the cast of the Vegas edition manages to make it look less cartoonish than Caruso. Maybe they just have a bigger bag of tricks than Caruso has. Somebody needs to introduce him to "eye tick," and "nervous cough" and "finger snap" and "eye roll" ... expand his repertoire...

Explains everything: Found this while Googling David Caruso's birthday: He once worked for a police department, standing in lineups for $25. Does that help?

Lisa de Moraes: It's explains where he went to acting school, yes. ... Thanks!

Washington: On David Caruso Day you also have to remember to give some terse instruction to a CSI staffer then slap your cellphone shut. He's finished with his calls before my phone even would have connected.

Raleigh, N.C.: David Caruso seems to use the "smell the fart" school of acting, as explained by Joey on "Friends.".....


Anonymous said...

I think perhaps on David Caruso day we should hold our faces in the freezer until they're immobile and we can barely manage a tight little smile.We should also insert certain phrases into our conversations whenever we can like;" What do we have here Alex?"or"Hook him up Frank."or"Get him out of my sight."
To facilitate turning sideways quickly to whomever we're talking to ,I think we should wear wheelies.The most difficult thing would be to act like an asshole all day and mean it.--Jeannie

Cole said...

I suggest we should call the David Caruso day BOTOX-day . And insted of requests for an autograph people sould send him vouchers for a free treatment.