Monday, April 28, 2008

David Caruso - The most annoying gobber on TV?

Is David Caruso the most annoying goober on TV?
I watched CSI-Miami last night and almost got dry heaves. He does seem to have less personality than a rock on that show.If I remember correctly this tools are so full of himself he priced himself out of a Television drama
series because he figured he was going to be a huge film star. ? Caruso sucked and had numerous flops before returning to his dark master the boob tube.

Anyone remember South Park's Caruso refrence? The boys were trying to rescue Ike from the aliens, and he is sitting at the door waving down at them from the space ship as they yell for him to jump. Finally, Kyle yells, "IKE!! Do your impression of David Caruso's career!!"
And then Ike dives head-first out the door of the ship.
I can't watch the CSI Miami just because I can't stand the talentless hack.. ..he's right up there with William Shatner..

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