Thursday, April 10, 2008

David Caruso is such a doofus!

David Caruso is the most wooden, no-talent leading man on television today. Even Ray Romano would have played a better cop than that doofus.
David Caruso lacks the immediate, scene-stealing charisma of successful film actors.I love how Caruso left the most popular show at the time and signed a waver saying he wouldn't return to tv for 5 years or so only to bomb at the box office.
Everytime David Caruso rips off his shades, whispering some dumbass non sequiter he thinks he is so cool, when all he is, is a poor-man’s Gil Grissom.
I can't stand to watch ol' Turtler-effer act in scenes because he won't look at the other actors. I can only assume Caruso is allergic to direct eye contact.......

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