Thursday, April 3, 2008

Talking David Caruso!!!!

Voices from the viewing public!
WE love them.
Frank and unbiased - the way it is supposed to be.
No sugar-coating were none is warranted. Just the plain truth.

WE LOVE those voices
The following comments are two fine examples of viewers opinions. We do wonder if douche-bag David Caruso realizes what a joke he has become.....

Baltimore: I know you have made sport of David Caruso in the past, but until I started watching reruns of "CSI: Miami" on A & E I never really understood why, remembering him as a decent actor on "NYPD Blue." But jeez, if anything you have cut him too much slack. He delivers the most mundane lines of dialog with the slit-eyed intensity of a man who has just corned John Dillinger. What happened? More importantly, why does he get work? He makes William Shatner look well-modulated. Thanks.

Lisa de Moraes: He gets to work because the show is doing well in the ratings, mysteriously. He's hilariously bad and I'm not sure what happened because, yes, he used to be a decent enough actor. Now his entire repertoire is putting his sunglasses off and on, cocking his head to one side and putting his hands on his hips. ... I keep waiting for "SNL" to do a sketch on the David Caruso Acting Academy...



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