Saturday, April 26, 2008

David "Fuck, I'm Amazing" Caruso...

I hate cable television.
I hate U.S. cable television.

And I hate cookie cutter programming that puts a twat like Horatio right in center stage.
Horatio is
David "Fuck I'm Amazing" Caruso character as played in that firehose of pap that is CSI:Miami. Caruso seems to believe that simply by putting on his shades and lowering his voice he suddenly becomes the worlds most terrifying man.


I just did a quick count and ran out of fingers. Yep I know at least ten guys who could kick your ass... DAVID CARUSO..

A Masterpiece - Sorry, we just HAD to plagiarize!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link, you are welcome to scrape content, it's not plagiarism, I'd call it fair use. Cheers, Geof...

Cole said...

Thank you. I know I should have asked, but I didn't find an address to contact you.