Wednesday, April 16, 2008

David Caruso - No talent a-s-s-clown...

Must be the name David Caruso.
Must be the snarky stories we write and entertain our readers with daily.

Whatever it is, our cozy little blog got more than thousand hits from all over the world today. Mainly Europe and the US. Welcome people -wherever you are - we appreciate your interest.
Anyway, the following great piece was posted today on the net. We liked it so much that we decided to posted it here too.

It is funny stuff. Enjoy!

David Caruso

Probably the worst actor ever to walk the face of the earth, by far, bar none, period, end of freaking story. I don’t know if there is an actor whom I hate more than this guy. I might put him up there with the Yankees, the entire state of Michigan, (I lived there for a month so I know for a fact the place blows) American Idol, herpes, the Pittsburgh Steelers, gas prices, and George W. Bush.

If memory serves me correct, wasn’t this guy on “NYPD Blue” and left the show? What kind of pompous douchebag does a stupid thing like that? David Caruso, that’s who. Someone made the biggest mistake of all: they told him he (allegedly) had talent.
They lied.
Talking birds and muppets
have more talent than this prick. When he left “Blue”, he went and did “Kiss of Death” and the timeless classic, “Jade”.

Be kind of a dick. Be David Caruso in Jade”.-Seth Rogen, “The 40-Year Old Virgin”

I would hope that someone would tell me if I was a punchline for unemotional acting in a Judd Apatow movie, maybe as a last ditch effort to pump some life into my acting. All I know is that I will never, ever watch a CSI show simply because they have this talentless fuck cast as a lead and while there might be a good show there, it would be a lot better without his sorry ass.


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