Sunday, April 20, 2008

David Caruso - Stick boy

Although CSI Miami does have some good action and stories, it literally pains me to watch it just because of David Caruso.
putz is the worst.
He had one shot on NYPD Blue years ago and walked off; his career never should have been resurrected.
David Caruso =
"let me stand here at an angle in my $1200 suit and $300 sunglasses, hands on hips and wind blowing my ugly a@@ red hair, and throw off some sneering cryptic one-liner."
he dude has to have his head at an angle every single scene, like his vertibrae are uneven.He is a joke.
Caruso guy kills me how he's always threatening people and what not.
What is he 5'10" and maybe 155lbs with his badge, gun and two spare clips of .45? :...LOL!!!


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