Wednesday, April 16, 2008

David Caruso...execrable 2 single biggest problem with CSI Miami is the way they try to pass off David Caruso as bad ass Horacio Caine. They have him running around shooting at bad guys in almost every episode, and he's not even a cop, he's a freaking lab supervisor.

He does this stop and go ultra-dramatic style of talking that just annoys the shit out of me. Let's not forget the oh so dramatic putting on and removing of his sunglasses to punctuate a thought. And for whatever reason, his fucking head is tilted all the time, like he has no spine above his shoulders.
I just don't buy Caruso as a tough guy for even one second, and every time he tries to act tough it's just comical.

David Caruso is just an old man who is more pale than an albino's nut sack.

With David Caruso playing a bad ass, and running through plenty of gorgeous women in his life, CSI: Miami should be on the Sci Fi channel......



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