Sunday, April 13, 2008

David Caruso - Sunday's word!

We found the following comment while idly surfing the net.
The colorfol language is all the authors. We didn't change a word because we not only find the slang charming but we are basically in agreement with everthing that the commenter has to say about David Caruso!


Sorry, but i just think david caruso sucks bigtime ....

He is the worst actor i've ever seen. sure as im standin here i could outact that f*cknut with my head cut off. i cant believe marty scorsese allowed him be in one of his movies, he is so atrociously BAD!!! my GOD marty wtf!! and its not just the characters he plays. he's a horrendous actor. i'm not the kinda guy who usually just likes pickin on ppl either but he's an exception. does anyone else think he stinks to high heaven??
.........yea it dont make it any better how he struts around like hes da sh*t either, does it? there needs to be a word for making a huge throwing up noise cuz thats what he makes me feel like doin
........definitely horrible actor, one of the worst out there.


Anonymous said...

This poster dislikes David with such enthusiasm.It was very entertaining.Jeez,you really have to agree with a lot of it though.His acting skills seem to diminish more and more as time goes by.He must have had a little talent once upon a time(?)

Cole said...

Thank you! It is so easy, really. Just google "David Caruso sucks" (or any other term and you'll find thousandsof entries...apparently I'm not he only one. LOL