Friday, April 18, 2008

F**k you, David Caruso!

We found the following on MySpace. The words are solely the authors'. However, we find his little rant so compelling that we decided not to change a word.
Besides, we love it when
people speak their mind! LOL!


Fuck You, David Caruso !!!!

I hate CSI: Miami... David Caruso can not act... at all... I just don't get it.. why do people watch him... he sucks... why did CBS have to revive his career? Why couldn't they have let him die after he left NYPD Blue and then went on to make that eatshit sex-thriller crap he was in.
I forget the name but i wish i could just forget the movie. The only good thing this guy EVER did was his bit part in the first Rambo film... Get lost, David Caruso, put on your sunglasses, say a stupid one-liner, become even more overdramtic than Shatner, but in the end, just fucking get lost.
This is what happens when i turn on the TV, see a rerun of CSI: Miami on A&E (as if one showing wasn't enough) and then start freaking out cause i can't find the cable box remote to change the channel... now the TV has to stay off until I know it's safe...

Thanks David for ruining my day... eat shit dickweed . Besides, I hear he is an asshole, too....
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