Friday, April 25, 2008

David Caruso - CSI "NUTCASE"

Ausellio from TV Guide provided us with the laugh of the day. It is just so entertaining. Remember the article published by the DEFAMER?

Auselio's "BLIND ITEM"
reads as follows:

You've heard of claustrophobia and arachnophobia and a million other phobias. But how about portalphobia? No? Well, first of all, let me tell you, yes, there is such a thing. And secondly, the affliction — in essence a fear of entrances, exits or any open doorway — is making production of one hit series a day-to-day struggle, because its star suffers from it. Not only do the writers have to make sure not to have the performer coming into or leaving rooms, but, in the event the lead decides that a door is too close for comfort, entire scenes have to be reblocked, inconveniencing everyone. Mind you, if this was the headliner's only annoying idiosyncrasy, it might be overlooked or even empathized with. But it's just one of many — which explains why the dreaded "difficult" label has been hauled out and affixed with a slap. So, who's the star who can never be shown the door? I expect some particularly good guesses from you on this one, people, because, unlike other blind items, all you have to do to solve it is check your TiVo for the actor who never turns a doorknob.

It has red hair?
Looks like a leprechaun.
Speakes in annoying one-liners
Can't walk and talk at the same time and is not good with props........BINGO!!!
Ol' ginger David Caruso!!!

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