Monday, August 11, 2008

Davd Caruso - Eminentely Parodiable

Nothing like starting the day with a great comment like that...

Show us something (or someone) you're sick of. ...DAVID CARUSO

How'd this actor ever get a job on TV? He stands around with bad posture, hands on hips and he talks like he thinks he's James Bond. It's all a great way to screw up a mildly decent show. Argh!
I don't much care for the show (I'm only watching TV on DVD these days anyway and probably haven't seen this one in 18 months), both because the whole CSI thing is way over-hyped and because the characters, situations and neat resolutions are a bit too contrived. "Miami," in particular, seemed especially, well, melodramatic (as is perhaps fitting) and generally bad, and this guy's voice is way too much for me to not laugh at every time I hear it.
At first, in fact, I wondered whether he and the show might have been meant as a parody of the eminently parodiable franchise.
Quote of the day - .....After the recording stopped, up popped overly dramatic David Caruso sliding on his sunglasses....But that’s how it always starts.

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