Friday, August 8, 2008

David Caruso - A shady person

The following is an e-mail sent to us by one of our many readers. It addresses an interesting issue.
Like many of you may have noticed there are is someone out there who calls herself "stalkerhunter". She infiltrates/hijacks blogs with her more or less nonsense posts and absurd theories. No one to be taken seriously. Authorities don´t do it neither do we.
However, one of our readers expressed her growing annoyance. She kindly allowed us to post her e-mail here.Thank you girl!

“sarakanne” has only posted ONCE at HR.... And when I read her comment, I recalled how strange I found it the first time I saw it. I googled a bit...and came to the conclusion “sarakanne” and her allegations are indeed nasty and that she seems a shady person.
All articles about David Caruso and this alleged stalker were either written by “sarakanne” or referred to her website: she is everywhere with the same story. On other forums, she is a pest. Is there ANY truth in what she writes...does David Caruso have a dangerous stalker? I couldn’t find an independent article about the subject...... <>

Rest assured, THERE ISN´T....just the ramblings/blabberings of an obsessed mind.....
Quote of the day - Too serious around here. Time to laugh at David Caruso.... (

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