Saturday, August 9, 2008

David Caruso - Entertainment malpractice

Why don't you drop the David Caruso's spoof show CSI Miami?

The people who write for this show, direct for this show, and "act" for this show are all guilty of entertainment malpractice as far as I'm concerned.The thing that just sticks in your throat about the CSI franchise is that there's always a convenient trail of crumbs that leads to the perp.
Why don't we see more cases where there might not be a resolution? Might make it more interesting. The CSI shows are like cartoons for adults. Kind of like Tom & Jerry or Coyote/Roadrunner, but not quite as intelligent or original.
The acting doesn't get much worse than on this show. Wooden wooden wooden. The horrible writing doesn't help, either -- probably the worst writing on any network.

Quote of the day - But hang on - isn't David Caruso just slightly lacking in wide-screen charisma anyway?...(

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