Thursday, August 21, 2008

David Caruso - EASY to mock!

Oh, sure, it's plenty easy to mock David Caruso: Who walks off a hit TV show after only one season, in the hopes of launching a movie career?
A fool, that's who.
Since his post-"NYPD Blue" failure, Caruso's name has become a shorthand for arrogance and ineptitude.
When discussing someone with poor judgment, it's now common to say, "He doesn't have the sense God gave David Caruso", or "Even David Caruso could tell her she's making a mistake."
Just caught an episode last night. I am with ya guys, he is baaaad!
There's two kinds of bad. The normal bad where you just can't watch, and that special kind of bad where you are fascinated by just HOW bad an actor is.
Caruso is that special kind of bad.
Quote of the day - ...Caruso seems much too vain (but then again how and why?) to comprehend his true image..... (

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