Sunday, August 3, 2008

David Caruso is simply HD Horrible!

Nothing like starting a Sunday with a hilarious funny post like this!

The 52--year-old actor has hit the big time again in CSI: Miami after taking a well-dserved critical beating for leaving NYPD Blue after its first season in 1993.
But speaking of taking a beating, Caruso's face is not exactly HDTV-friendly. The actor's face is more pasty than a tube of Elmer's Glue. And talk about your acne issues. It's a shame that he didn't land a part in Apollo 13 because the space ship could have landed on his face. In high-def, you could play connect the dots with the craters in his cheeks.
Sorry, David Caruso, you are not only an untalented actor, but you are HD Horrible!...

Quote of the day: ....And how would any of us follow the drift of "CSI: Miami" if David Caruso ever lost his sunglasses?...(

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Cep said...

Please squash this most annoying of men.