Saturday, August 30, 2008

That David Caruso guy....

Labour Day weekend asks for fun.
There is a lot of things people can do with a computer, some skills and some imagination. The above picture is courtesy of one of our many talented readers.
We all know that David Caruso likes to have a drink or two.
And We all know WHEN David Caruso had a drink or two the night before because the make-up department is hardly able to cover the traces on his careworn face.
Great picture!

Quote of the day - ... but is anyone else as annoyed with this David Caruso guy on Miami CSI as I am? I don’t even watch the show, but once in while I turn it on to see his horribly melodramatic acting. He’s overacting cubed. I don’t know how anyone can take that guy seriously, it’s like he’s doing an SNL skit. If he ordered a pizza on that show he would literally deliver the lines as if he was issuing an incredibly serious ultimatum to a terrorist or something. My GOD. That man drives me crazy. (

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