Thursday, August 21, 2008

The horrible David Caruso

...CSI Miami isn't quite as technical as the original, and some people have a problem with David Caruso
Horatio Caine, as played by the horrible David Caruso. I had to stop watching CSI Miami because of him. If any of the other people on that show had him for a boss in real life, they would constantly be making fun of him behind his back.
.....David Caruso-Period!
I won't watch anything he's in, for the sheer fact that the man can't act. He's horrible and it was the best day ever when he left NYPD Blue. Every other word out of his mouth on that show was "Are you OK with that". We use it around the office at work. Condescending knuckle head!....
Quote of the day - David Caruso aka CSI Miami's Horatio Cane/Fellatio Pain. One slap wouldn't be enough. I can't stand the way he puts emphasis on random words....(

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