Sunday, August 10, 2008

David Caruso - Acting monkey

...I don’t care for Caruso’s acting.
Bleh. You guys watch CSI: Miami? Shouldn't it be called the David Caruso show? It's just him and a bunch of one-dimensional characters that make him look commanding and all-knowing.
If you ask me, that guy has a hard time impersonating an actor.
I've not seen David Caruso get through more than about two scenes without either taking his shades off or putting them on again in a meaningful manner. It's a central point of any CSI drinking game, right up there with crash zooms to CG closeups.
The Horatio character played by Caruso is so annoying to me. He doesn't seem to work so hard as Grissom or the CSI NY guy played by Sinise. He just plonks on the sunglasses and makes a wisecrack.I like poking fun at David Caruso (who hopefully, and in his defense, probably can’t help himself)....

.....I'm not an actor, but I play one on TV," eh?

Quote of the day - And with the likes of Ice-T and David Caruso populating their casts it's no wonder. ....(

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