Monday, August 11, 2008

David Caruso - Size DOES matter after all...

CSI Miami - I've watched this a few times, and I have to say... What a joke!
I can understand that they pull in viewers based on the fact that it's a CSI spinoff and basically sticks to the CSI formula, but give me a break.
The actors are awful. Not only are they unattractive in a creepy way, their acting is painful to watch. It is really sad that something as great as the original CSI spawned this crapfest.It burns a free hour that I might otherwise have to spend thinking.
This show is only good for laughs. I watch it waiting for the stupid 'witty' remark that David Caruso makes as he takes off his glasses and look in the distance. It's great for drinking games and mockery. I'm thinking of dressing up as Horatio next Halloween making quips and looking afar.

My favourite so far?
The cocaine hidden in the coffee. Caruso takes of the glasses (or puts them on, I can't remember which) and says, get this:"I think...I'll go...for a coffee..."
That's GOLD, baby!
Quote of the day - Speaking of CSI, have you noticed that .....David Caruso’s character is the non-geeky? (

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