Wednesday, August 6, 2008

David Caruso - Hey freak!

OK, we've all seen those word association memes, right? Well, let's put a little spin on it. I'm gonna name an actor and you tell me the first first first thing that pops into your head, whether it be a movie or TV show they've done, or maybe just the fact that "she fucked Scott Baio" or whatever...


here is what people think when reading that name....ENJOY

  • David Caruso - scary looking

  • David Caruso - Howdy Doody

  • skank

  • idiot

  • David Caruiso - who

  • cheese

  • ass

  • dry heaves

  • gross

  • dickhead

  • David caruso - David Spade
F.Y.I. David Caruso is the fiery-haired idiot who left the popular tv show, NYPD Blue after one season to pursue a big screen movie career and literally “bombed!” After years of big screen failure and after some serious begging to get NYPD Blue to release him from his contract, the now sunglassed idiot bounced back big time as the lead on CBS’s hit tv show spinoff, CSI: Miami.
Quote of the day - I haven't seen career self-destruction this acute since David Caruso...(

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