Friday, August 22, 2008

Did David Caruso and new lover Vivica A. Fox a movie together?

Could it be that David Caruso's and Vivica A. Fox's current hot affair is in reality a resurgence of old feelings? Could it be that when the movie was made David and Vivica were already hot for each other? We know that now and then David Caruso developed affections for the one or the other female co-star.
Ahem, yes...
While searching the net for nothing in particluar we came across a movie called "Evidence". It was filed and reviewed by a German website which is called "Filmdatenblatt"
Obviously , some time ago David Caruso and Vivica A. Fox did a movie together. The credits show Vivica and David as leads, with a few lesser known co-stars.
Release date is 2005.
It is the usual good cop/bad cop plus innocent suspect-story. We never have seen the movie so we can't render an opinion about it. However, the reviews are not too ethusiastic.....
Quote of the day - Back in the days when David Caruso wasn't the cartoon caricature he is on CSI: Miami....(

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