Sunday, August 17, 2008

What do Velma, David Caruso and Wario have in common?

....funny monolouges.

This show has turned into a poster boy list of bad acting, bad scripts, and most of all, David Caruso thinking he's Lionel Barrymore. I watched about 5 minutes of an episode one night and it was all I could handle. No more CSI Miami,
I didn't mind David Caruso on NYPD Blue probably because he was surrounded by people who could actually act and it wasn't just about him. He is complete ham on Miami however and my mother is of the opinion that he turns to the side and holds his head in a certain way because he's going bald. His supercop, superfriend persona is just wacko.
Petersen is believable and all the lab work and painstaking research seem real.Whenever Caruso puts on a lab coat, I think he's playing dress-up..
It amazes me that no one seems to like David Caruso's acting and yet CSI:Miami keeps him around. He is wooden and his movements are repetitive. When the series first aired he worked in the lab, actually touched evidence which he no longer does - he points at it and tells someone to bring it to him to look at never touching it. BUT give him a gun and someone to point at and he is in his
Quote of the day - Like many, once I stopped expecting anything from Caruso (acting wise), I was better able to appreciate the anomaly that is CSI: Miami. ......(.

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